Etiquette Tips: Inviting Your Boss to Your Party

Published: 05th September 2011
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Holding a party and working on the details can be exceptionally fun. Still, you will have to consider some issues very carefully.

The most perplexing aspect of holding a party or a reception is deciding on the guest list. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or your wedding, you will need to think whether to invite your colleagues or not.

What should you do when it comes to inviting your boss? Is it appropriate or maybe it would be understood in a wrong way? You will have to consider several aspects of your office relations before taking the final decision.

Decide if It is Appropriate
Are you going to have a large party or a small, intimate one? This is what you need to think about in advance. Deciding on the type of party will help you determine if you should invite any of your colleagues.

What are the relations at your office? Are you a friend with your coworkers or do you keep your interactions strictly professional? If you maintain professional relations, you should probably refrain from inviting people from your office to the party.

When it comes to inviting your boss, the situation changes somehow. The invitation will be a sign of respect and appreciation. You will have no problem with it if you like your boss. In case the two of you have difficulties, you may reconsider.

The Advantages of Keeping a Party Private
Which colleagues should you invite? Getting all of your coworkers to the party will be problematic. On the other hand, if you invite just a few people, you might get the others angry.

Keeping the party private in such instances will probably be the wisest decision. Make your colleagues understand your motivation and the desire to have only family and closest friends present.

What Are Your Sentiments About It?
How do you feel about having your boss present at the party? Is the thought making you feel uncomfortable? Will you be able to stand an entire party in the presence of your supervisor?

Trust your sentiments. Inviting a boss you dislike for the sake of it could really interfere with your party. You are supposed to enjoy the event. In case it makes you feel bad, refrain from having coworkers present.

On the other hand, inviting your boss could help you establish better relations and may eventually help your professional development. Weight the pros and the cons. Is your biggest priority enjoying your special occasion or working on your career? Think about these before sending the invites.

How Big of a Dilemma are You Experiencing?
According to etiquette, it will be good to invite your boss to a major party like a wedding reception. Still, you should also feel satisfied with your choice.

Are you experiencing a big dilemma? A relationship of hatred is rarely the case. In most instances, workers and bosses have polite and slightly distanced relations. If the situation is such, inviting your boss out of courtesy will be the right thing to do.

Is inviting your boss to a party the right thing to do? In most instances it is. Think of any special circumstances that will make this inappropriate. Friendly relations with your boss and well-established office sentiments will make it much easier for you to take the decision. Trust your senses and intuition and you will be making the right selection.

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