Five Tips to Make your Baby Shower Party Memorable

Published: 05th September 2011
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To be memorable, a baby shower needs to be imaginative and very different from a typical event. Easier said than done. Everyone strives to achieve uniqueness but few have managed to reach that goal.

Every aspect of the baby shower should be well-selected and quite creative for the party to be memorable. True, it requires more thought and preparation but if uniqueness is your main aim, you should start working.

Choose Unusual Themes
A memorable baby shower will have an outstanding theme. Anything that is baby-related and excessively cute will drive you away from achieving uniqueness. You can certainly turn a traditional party into a memorable event but your task will be more difficult.

Unusual themes will make you a pioneer and will give people something to remember the baby shower by. You might be clueless about bright baby shower theme ideas but you will just need to utilize your creative potential.

Do you believe in fairytales? Why don’t you take guests back in time to their childhood years? They will have fun and they will remember the wonderful experience.

Mesmerize Guests at the Entrance
To achieve the ‘wow’ effect, you need a spectacular entrance. Get guests surprised even before they make it to the room.

You can have someone welcoming them and providing guests with items that will be needed for games and activities. Keep their purpose a secret so that guests are left wondering about the aim of it all.

Multimedia will also help you create something outstanding. A screen by the entrance, showing pictures of the mom-to-be or family videos will surprise guests and the mom in a pleasant way.

Engaging Games and Activities
Decorations can easily be forgotten. People remember emotions rather than items. Provide them with the chance to form memories.

Engaging games and activities will make your baby shower memorable. The entire party can be an activity. Holding a cooking party or a spa-themed baby shower will get guests socializing and enjoying each other’s presence.

The Food!
An amazing culinary experience will give people something to remember. Get them trying exotic and gourmet foods.

The selection of a nice menu is yet another step towards making the baby shower memorable.

Sometimes, it will even be an issue of decoration rather than an issue of cooking. A well-formed platter or a dish is a work of art rather than something to eat. You can purchase the food from a catering company or a restaurant. The decorations will be up to you. Unleash your culinary potential and use food to create art.

Handmade… Everything
Handmade items are impressive. They show creativity and they show desire to make something beautiful and interesting.

Having handmade decorations or baby shower favors will transform the event into a memorable one. The good news is that various types of favors are exceptionally easy to make. Key chains, candles and jewelry will all let you be outstanding.

A memorable baby shower takes some work. It requires effort. It requires brainstorming and running around to purchase supplies. Still, if uniqueness is your goal, go ahead and do it. When you see the smiles on the faces of your guests, you will feel perfectly satisfied.

Jamie Highland writes about various family and baby topics. For more unique baby shower ideas or to shop for some unique baby shower favors, visit My Baby Shower Favors.

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