Fun Prizes for Baby Shower Games

Published: 11th October 2011
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Baby shower favors are much more fun when you plan some games and activities that will let guests interact and get to know more about each other.

Some of the games will have competitive character. To stimulate guests, think of some small, fun gifts that will add to the appeal of the activities. These prizes need to be symbolic and entertaining more than being something of significant value. The emotional aspect of it will be much more important than luxury.

Exotic Recipes and Fun Recipe Boxes
Most of the baby shower guests will be female. You can provide game winners with exotic recipes in a beautiful recipe box.

Focus on something atypical. Most people know how to prepare basic meals. If you want to make the prize a really special one, you should probably focus on exotic cuisine. The recipe cards could be decorated to correspond to the type of meals.

Select interesting Indian, Chinese or Arabic recipes. The recipe box could be wooden. Wood can be carved or additionally decorated to correspond to the cuisine you have picked.

Potted Plants or Pot and Seeds
Another very creative and intriguing prize is a potted plant or a bag of seeds and a pot, giving the winner a chance to start the process from the very beginning.

If you choose a plant, it should be something that requires little care. Some people are not that skilled when it comes to gardening. They will have difficulties taking care of a potted plant. A four-leafed clover is a good idea, since it has a symbolic meaning apart from being a beautiful plant.

When you provide the winner with seeds, it might be wise to add an instructions card that explains what type of care the plant requires.

Candles, Key Chains and Fridge Magnets
Candles, key chains and fridge magnets are very typical prizes and gifts. There is nothing special about them.

You can turn these common items into something spectacular and cherished. Get them personalized. The monogram can either mention the winner’s achievement or the name of the mom-to-be and the date when the baby shower was held.

The items can also be selected to correspond to the theme of the baby shower. It can be any baby-related image. Be creative. You can even make such a prize yourself. Candles are very easy to create and fun to decorate.

Homemade Skin Care Products
Anything that you produce at home will be of special value.

Have pampering cosmetic products prepared for the ladies who manage to win the baby shower games. Any homemade skin care product will make the very happy.

It is easy to make a body lotion, a lip balm or a body scrub at home. Various recipes are available online. Apart from being fun to make, such cosmetic products will be entirely organic and made of useful ingredients.

To get guests enjoying the prizes, you need to have fun selecting or making them. Pick items that will please the group. These can be very tiny souvenirs that hold huge emotional value. Several carefully chosen prizes will turn the baby shower into an unforgettable event.

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