How to Plan an Asian Theme Baby Shower Party

Published: 31st August 2011
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Asian countries have a specific charm and some degree of mysticism. The Japanese culture dates back in time, having its numerous rituals, philosophies and historic developments. The same applies to most other Asian countries.

Hosting an Asian-themed baby shower will be a wonderful way to make it more unusual and intriguing. Setting the theme is uncomplicated and you will need just a few objects to create realistic atmosphere.

When organizing an Asian-theme baby shower, you can adopt various approaches. You can even decide on a theme within the theme to make the event extra-special.

Hold a Tea Ceremony
The Japanese tea ceremony is one of the most beautiful and delicate Asian rituals. Have fun by making it one of the focal baby shower activities.

A Japanese tea ceremony involves several preparatory steps. Get informed about it so that you conduct it in a proper and authentic manner. The preparation starts at the very door. A tea ceremony is attended only after shoes are removed. Guests address each other by bowing.

It is of uttermost importance to work on a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the room where the ceremony will be held. One of the characteristics of tea ceremonies is that they get performed without any noise being made.

You will need a bowl, a tray, pot of hot water, tea cups, dessert spoons and powdered green tea. The guest of honor, in this case the mom-to-be gets seated next to the host.

Guests sit on the ground, usually on a traditional rug. They need to sit their knees with their heels pressed against their bottoms. The host is then responsible for cleaning all dishes and utensils that will be used in the ceremony.

Learn about the manner in which tea is prepared. You can discover numerous online videos that present the process in details.

Chinese-Themed Baby Shower
A Chinese theme is exceptionally easy to introduce. Getting the food will be the easiest of tasks.

In terms of decorations, gets red lanterns and use hieroglyphics to decorate the walls. It would be best if you know what the messages are saying. Focus on positive emotions, greetings and notions like love, friendship and compassion.

If you live close to a Chinese district, you can purchase authentic decorations like ceramic dolls and fans.

Organize an Asian Cuisine Baby Shower
To get guests involved and to ensure that everyone is having fun, you can make cooking the main baby shower activity. To connect it to the theme, you should select several Asian recipes. Purchase the products needed for the preparation of these dishes and enjoy putting them together.

Chinese fried rice is a popular. The same applies to sushi, though it can be more difficult to make. Other intriguing Asian recipes include chicken katsu, Philippine chicken adobo, Thai basic chicken and Indian curry.

The best part will be getting together and eating the outcome of the culinary game.

Asian-Themed Favors
The favors you select will also enforce the theme and serve as wonderful souvenirs from a truly emotional event.

The Asian theme can easily be recreated through the favors. Miniature fans that include the mom-to-bes name are one great option. Other gifts you can provide guests with can be Japanese chopsticks, Asian-themed bookmarks, a piece of Japanese art or a haiku.

An Asian theme is very favorable in terms of party organization. All of the items can be purchased from a store, including the food. You have various activities and games that will be perfectly suitable. Choose your focus and start exploring the theme.

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