Planning a Cowboy Baby Shower Theme

Published: 14th April 2011
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A cowboy baby shower theme is a fun one, giving you the chance to be very creative in terms of decorations, activities, food and favors.

The number of symbols and elements associated to cowboy themes is large. You can easily transform a simple venue into a Western scene. The theme will let you be very creative while having fun with it. Just imagine the old movies, Western heroes, saloons and ladies in trouble.

If you decide on a cowboy baby shower theme, you will have to do some planning in advance. Decide what you want to say and choose the appropriate tools to get your message across.

Cowboy Theme Invitations
The first item that needs to present the theme is the invitation. Make sure you plan those well and include at least one cowboy element in it.

Keep the invitation related to the baby shower. Having a baby in a cowboy hat as the main visual is a good idea.

The font you select will also help you emphasize on the theme. It needs to be bold and slightly more ornate than traditionally used fonts. Certain types of letters are associated to Western movies and to the Wanted posters appearing in the majority of those.

Your food selection is also important for emphasizing the theme.

Keep it casual. This is what the cowboy theme is all about. Refrain from including very sophisticated or exotic meals into the menu.

Some appropriate selections include chips and various dips, potato meals and chili. Add a few salads to give the buffet some lightness.

Your cake should be decorated to correspond to the theme. It can feature any symbol – a horseshoe, a cowboy hat or a sheriff badge.

Cowboy Theme Decorations
The decorations will help you create the theme. You need to be extra careful and considerate when picking those. After all, it is all about creating the perfect settings.

Hay bales, saloon doors, saddles, ropes, cowboy boots and hats, horseshoes, bandanas and sheriff badges are all cowboy-related.

Centerpieces will also be needed. You can either have a large one at the buffet table or several smaller centerpieces on each table. Pick a horseshoe and use dried flowers to decorate it. The same can easily be achieved with bandanas and flowers.

A cowboy hat can also be transformed into a centerpiece. Turn it upside down and use the opening to place a candle, flowers or balloons inside.

Cowboy Favors
You can make the favors yourself or you can purchase a diversity of baby shower items that correspond to the theme.

Mini cowboy hats are one option. Have the name of the mom printed on those, as well as the date on which the baby shower was held. You can also get key chains featuring at least one cowboy item. In fact, each guest could be given a different key chain to make it more fun and exciting.

Other cowboy-themed favors include candles shaped in the form of a cowboy boot or hat. You can also bake horseshoe cookies.

Use your imagination to make your cowboy themed baby shower unforgettable. You will need some decorations and props to make it happen. A cowboy themed baby shower can be somehow expensive but if you plan and organize it properly, you will be able to create the atmosphere yourself.

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