Tips for Inviting People to the Wedding Reception, But Not the Ceremony

Published: 09th September 2011
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Any special occasion involves two parts a ceremony and a reception. This is most typical for weddings but the claim also holds true for christenings, baby showers, and various child-related occasions.

Sometimes, due to space limitations or sentimental reasons, people choose to have a small and private ceremony. Only close relatives and friends get invited to it, while a larger group of people are invited to the reception.

This decision is perfectly acceptable. After all, the couple getting married decides about the specifics of the event. It is important, however, to plan everything in advance and to let guests know how the wedding or other occasions will be taking place.

Why Have a Private Ceremony?
Many couples decide on a private ceremony. Having a small group of people present as witnesses makes the event much more special and intimate.

Usually, coupes decide on a private ceremony because of sentimental reasons. Having hundreds of people attending the event may take away from the charm of the wedding. Many individuals prefer to keep it smaller and more emotional.

A small ceremony can also be held because of space limitations. In such instances, it could be difficult to decide about the people to get invited.

Who Should Be Invited?
A small ceremony signifies that the bride and the groom will have to make some difficult decisions about the people who will get invited and those who will attend the reception solely.

Closest family members will certainly make it to the ceremony. The same applies to best friends and roommates. Distant relatives, coworkers and acquaintances can be invited to the reception after the ceremony.

Announcing the Decision
To have everyone comfortable with the decision, you need to announce it in advance. Otherwise, you risk getting some of the guests offended.

It is of uttermost importance to have two sets of invitations. The first set should list both the ceremony and the reception while the second should invite guests to the reception solely. Having only one type of invitation is the most certain way to get people angry with your decision.

Draw a clear line. No exceptions will be permitted. If you decide to have solely family member attending the ceremony, it will be inappropriate to invite one or two friends. Decide on the criteria and stick to them.

Refrain from yielding in to pressure. Some people will certainly try to negotiate the terms and conditions. If you make one exception, you will soon be forced to make another one. When you decide on the guest lists for the ceremony and the reception, you should accept no compromises.

Make Ceremony Attendance Optional
Another idea is to make the attendance of the ceremony optional. This way, you will be inviting people to the party without forcing them to be present at the official ceremony.

Some people feel uncomfortable with ceremonies and their etiquette. Making it optional for guests takes the pressure off. Instead of forcing them to do something they are uncomfortable with, you will be giving them the chance to celebrate your special occasion and to have fun.

Understand that there is nothing wrong with having people invited to the reception solely. This is your party. Have it the way you want it to be. Take the decision and make sure that everyone is aware of it. When you make your choices, you will be left with having fun with the people that you love.

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