What to Include in Your Baby Shower Gift Bag

Published: 09th September 2011
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All the guests to a baby shower will be bringing presents to aid and please the mom-to-be. It is a great idea to have little gift bags for everyone who has attended the event. These will be something nice to take home and to remember the event by.

A baby shower gift bag can contain nearly any favor. You have various options, depending on your creativity, budget, baby shower theme and personal perception of what will make a great present.

Consider the following, when putting together a baby shower gift bag. Certain basic tips and rules can make your task much simpler.

Make It Theme-Relevant
A thematic favor bag will make guests remember the baby shower. Follow the theme you have chosen when coming up with guest presents.

Baby shower themes are numerous. You can have a party connected to peas in a pod, angels, love, baby cribs and other baby items, diapers, ladybugs, fairytale characters and many more.

The theme will affect the decorations. It should also be determining when it comes to the selection of the favors to put in the gift bag. Anything that is appropriately shaped or monogrammed will turn out to be a great gift.

Personalized Baby Shower Gift Bags
Beautiful items will always be appreciated. If these beautiful items are personalized, guests are likely to cherish them even more. Make sure that the favors you give out are connected in some way to the event.

Personalization can be achieved in various ways. You can have the item monogrammed, in case the material it is made of permits such processing.

A keychain could feature the picture of the mom-to-be, her name and the date when the event was held. Adding a cute quote or a witty slogan to the favor will give it something extra special.

If the party decorations have a certain element, decorative pattern or clip art used throughout, include that in the favor personalization, as well.

A Gender-Relevant Gift Bag
The gender of the baby can be used to add some cuteness to the shower gift bag. You can go for traditional colors and items associated to either baby girls or baby boys.

The color you pick is the first aspect that will determine if the favor was given in honor of a baby girl or a baby boy. You can select blue and pink or any other pastel shade that brings up some sort of association.

The favors themselves will also provide hints about the baby. They can be clever, cute or a combination of the two. A ribbon-shaped cookie will certainly speak of a baby girl. A baseball cap can represent the baby boy.

Wrapping It Up
As special as the favors are, they will fail impressing guests if you select an inappropriate wrap. Make sure that the outside is just as astonishing as the inside of the gift bag.

Pick the color that is predominant in the decorations and centerpieces and find wrapping paper or a gift bag that is in a similar nuance. The ribbon can either be matching or contrasting.

You can print the mom-to-bes name on the gift bag, together with the date on which the shower was held. If you feel that this spoils your design, include this information inside, on a card or printed on the favor itself.

A well-chosen baby shower gift bag will make the event even more wonderful and heart-warming. Spare no effort when picking the favors themselves and the decorations. They will show how cherished and important each guest is. Do your best and be creative.

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